Going to be hosting the East-West Sessions (once a month) from now on. Great artists and musicians and all. Come one, come all.

Going to be hosting the East-West Sessions (once a month) from now on. Great artists and musicians and all. Come one, come all.




15 poewrful Jose Mujica quotes no other leader has the guts to say

"Modest yet bold, liberal and fun-loving."

Naming Uruguay the country of the year in 2013, the Economist may very well have described the rising nation’s head of state, President José “Pepe” Mujica.

Known for his unusual frankness, fiery oration and bold leadership to turn ideas into action, the 78-year-old leader possesses and practices the very characteristics that many world leaders fail to emulate. He has also garnered international acclaim for his progressive policies, down-to-earth personality and simple presentation, which has earned him a reputation as “the world’s poorest president.”

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And he looks like the world’s kindest, nicest and bestest grandpa too! T__T How are you even real, Jose, how…

I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop with this guy. He sounds too good to be true.

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Be the Hero of your own movie. If your life was a movie and it started now (forget about the hardships, financial disasters & relationship failures or whatever got you feeling rock bottom) what would you do? Go forth and thrive and my friends.

Joe Rogan breaking it down!

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So me and the homies from Tanga Elektra finally dropped the video for “Sun We Are Ready”. After 3 years of planning to do a song we ended up recording this after I joined them last minute for a concert (full house was loving it) and they had a couple days to finish recording the EP. Turns out their label liked the song enough to make it the lead single!

Going to head to Mauerpark to jam with friends around 4pm onwards today. In the meantime all u Spotify users can check out this new tune I did with Tanga Electra. This song looses it’s virginity on stage at Roter Salon on May 9th! Video coming soon.

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Blast from tha pizast courtesy of dem Klear Kut bwais. recorded in 2000. has it really been 14 years! I thought i’d be a multi-trillionaire grammy winner by now. Ha!

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This video right here was shot during Europe du Hip Hop 2013 here in Berlin. A gang of peeps come through for a whole week of cultural activities that also included them stopping by Tha Shiznit Show & jamming at Yaam with a true pioneer of hip-hop Kurtis Blow!


Shot by @Loko-motion (FB)


Atheism vs. Theism vs. Agnosticism vs. Gnosticism, A Comic Guide to Religious Belief

Had a blast on tour with Yza Ya opening for Irie Révoltés, who invited me on stage to do this bit with them. I messed up my verse but all was forgotten by the time I stage dived! It was the last day of the tour for us so I had to get one last in!